• Referral Program Terms & Conditions

    Refer a friend

    KSA: Refer a friend, you both get SAR 5 once the friend signs up + your friend gets SAR 20 after placing their first order.

    UAE: Refer a friend, you both get AED 5 once the friend signs up + your friend gets AED 20 after placing their first order.

    Terms and Conditions:

    1. The referred friend must download the STYLI app from the unique link sent to them by the referring friend and sign up on STYLI to get instant SAR 5/ AED 5 then place and receive an order of a value greater than SAR 200/AED 200 in order to get the SAR 20/ AED 20 Coins.
    2. Referred friend will get the amount as STYLI Coins on signing up. STYLI referrer will get the amount as STYLI Coins once the referred friend downloads the app and signs up.
    3. The referral program is valid only for inviting new users. Inviting existing users is not applicable.
    4. The referral program is active only on the latest app version of STYLI.
    5. Referral link can be sent via SMS or shared on different social media platforms.
    6. Referral program coins are non-transferable nor redeemable in the form of cash and could be used only on STYLI app.
    7. Any attempts to abuse, deceive, undermine or damage the operation of the referral program, STYLI reserves the right to review and disqualify any referral coins attempt that violates the terms and conditions.
    8. Each user can earn maximum referral coins worth SAR/AED 100 through inviting new friends.
    9. New users should place a minimum order of SAR/AED 150 to use the referral program coins on their first order.
    10. The referral program coins for the referred friend shall expire in 30 days from the date of signing up.

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  • STYLI Coins

    What are Styli coins?
    Styli coins are in-app currency that can be earned by completing various activities on the app and can be used to order products on the app.100 STYLI coins is equivalent to SAR 1. Coins can be independently earned and spent on each country's store

    How do I earn Styli coins?
    Styli coins can be earned by completing steps in the earn section that include games, referrals, and more!

    What is the validity of Styli coins?
    Styli coins will have an expiration date depending on the earning mechanism which can vary from 7 days to 3 months. The expiration date of the earned coins can be checked in the Earned section of the Styli Coins History page. The validity period of the coins starts from the day they are earned.

    Is there a limit on the maximum number of Styli coins that I can earn every day?
    Yes, the maximum number of Styli coins that can be earned every day is 3,000.

    How do I spend Styli coins?
    You can spend your Styli coins as money and save on your orders. They can be applied on the bag page along with coupons and other offers. Styli coins are independent on each of the country's stores. The balance available to spend is displayed on the Earn With Styli page and is specific to the country store you are in. Every 100 points = SAR 1. Styli coins can be used to deduct up to 50% of the total amount of products when you place your order (only the total price of products is supported, excluding delivery fees, import fees, and COD fees). Coins are used in the order of their expiration date. Coins expiring first are used first.

    What happens to Styli coins in case of return?
    1. If an order is canceled, Styli coins applied to the original order will be refunded back to your wallet

    2. If you request a return, the Styli coins equivalent to your returned items will be reverted to your account along with your refund.

    3. If the cancellation/return occurs outside the validity period of Styli coins, expired Styli coins will not be refunded

    4. Styli coins received from claiming Styli coins on an order will be deducted. They will start being deducted from Styli coins that are expiring. If your wallet does not have enough balance, Styli coins will be deducted until it reaches 0.

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