STYLI provides its customers with an easy return 
policy in which they can return items purchased for 
any reason within 15 days of delivery. The products 
should be unused and in their original condition with 
tags and packaging on. The customer is welcome to 
try on a product but should take adequate measures 
to preserve its condition. To place a return request:

Step1: Go to 'Account'
Step2: Click on 'All Orders'
Step3: Open order details
Step4: Scroll down, you will find an option called 
'Return Item' at the end of the page
Step5: Select the item/s you want to return
Step6: Update the reason for the return
Step7: You can choose to drop off at the nearest 
SMSA branch (this option is available only for KSA 
orders) or pick up
Step8: Finally, click on Confirm

Styli have two different methods of return for 
(KSA customers):
1- The customer can drop off the items personally 
at the nearest SMSA branch after downloading the 
return document "AWB", Click here for more details 
on how to download return AWB.
2- Customers also can choose the driver to collect t
he return from their location and the pickup will occur 
within 5 to 7 days

Refunds will be processed based on the payment 
1- For card payments, the refund will be processed on 
the same card within 7 days except for MADA cards 
which might take 14-21 days due to a technical issue 
in the payment gateway.
2- For cash on delivery, the refund will be processed 
as Styli credit customers can utilize it anytime
3- For Tabby or Tamara installments, the refund will be 
deducted from the remaining installments
4- For mixed payments such as (Styli credit + card) 
a partial refund will be added to the same card and a 
partial refund will be added as store credit.

Store credit, vouchers, gift credit, or Styli coins will be 
refunded only as store credit and are not eligible for 
bank transfer.

The return option will be available only once the order 
status is changed to 'Delivered'.

In case of order status does not change after 24 hours 
from the date of receiving the order. Contact us through 
one of the below support channels, we will help you in 
the best possible manner:

Shape, icon Description automatically generated  00966115208333
Icon Description automatically generated  [email protected]
Icon Description automatically generated  8001111090