We care deeply about your privacy and the security of your data. We detail how we collect, use & protect your personal information in our privacy policy.

You can contact us for more information:
Shape, icon Description automatically generated  00966115208333
Icon Description automatically generated  [email protected]
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To delete your account:
Step1: Go to Account
Step2: Click on View & edit your profile
Step3: Open Security and Privacy
Step4: Then click on Delete Account
Step5: Choose the reason for deleting your account
Step6: Finally, verify your account by adding the OTP received via "the registered phone number or the registered email". 

Please read the terms and conditions before deleting your account:
  1. You will lose all your data and content in your account, including communication records, files, and images.
  2. You will not be able to use your account to browse Styli's website or app and make purchases View the information in your account, and confirm if the information in your account can be deleted forever.
  3. If necessary, please save a backup of the information in your account, in case you might want to recover your account in the future Please make sure that there are no incomplete orders in your account.
  4. Ensure that there are no remaining Styli credits in your account.
  5. Confirm that there are no ongoing returns and orders There are no pending returns.
  6. You may understand and confirm that, upon deletion of your account, you shall not raise any query or financial claims from STYLI pertaining to your previous orders or pending claims connected to this deleted account I agree to the terms and conditions.